Chuzhou Prosperity Environmental Protection Color Fiber Co., Ltd.  established in March 2004,and registered with 15 million dollars. It is located in Nanjing metropolitan circle in half an hour.Yangzhou is in the east, and Hefei is in the west. The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, National road 104 runs through north and south.National highway 312 crosses the east and west, such as Hening highway, Ningluo highway,Machuyang highway.The traffic is very convenient. The number of existing employees is 320 people.It overs an area of 600 mu, and the total investment is 700 million yuan.It put into production in January 2007,and has 200000 tons of polymerization device, 7 melt direct spinning polyester staple fiber production lines, annual output of 200000 tons of polyester chip, 100000 tons of differential polyester staple fiber now.  

Chuzhou Prosperity Environmental Protection Color Fiber Co., Ltd. is a sino-foreign joint venture ,and focuses on the production of differential polyester staple fiber and the development of new materials, new products, new technology .It developed the new technology of "melt direct spinning and on-line adding masterbatch" with China Textile Academy.It is the first, and one of the biggest enterprise produces the differential polyester fiber with melt direct spinning technology currently in the domestic. This new technology abandoned the traditional printing and dyeing process from raw material to the finished product , so as to eliminate the influence on the environment of the dyeing and printing process which cause the most serious pollution in the textile industry chain. It is a technological revolution and environmental innovation in textile industry, and fully compliance with national sustainable development policy.

    Our main products are PET chip and colorful differential color fibers,such as jet black,optical white,fluorescent white,beige,red,navy blue,violet,etc.Our fibers are widely used in these fields ,for example,cotton spinning,non-woven fabrics,wool spinning and so on.They are the high-grade material in producing comfortable garment fabrics. They can also be used to produce the high-grade medical and health supplies and women sanitary articles by the spunlace non-woven fabrics, meanwhile special fibers are also applied in automobile and aircraft cloth, decorations, uniforms, flame-retardant protective clothing and special industrial overalls, etc.   The products sell well in over 20 provinces such as Jiangsu , Zhejiang , Shandong province and so on and are exported to more than 10 countries in southeast Asia.

Chuzhou Prosperity Environmental Protection Color Fiber Co., Ltd. always upholds the integrity management idea, standardized operation, and rides the winds and breaks the waves, advances bravely since it was established. During the national "Thirteenth five-year plan" development period, our company will also closely follow the national industrial policy, and seize the opportunity to develop and grow first-class products and first-class services to create a better tomorrow.



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